Can you afford to
take the risk and invest
in the wrong people?

Due Diligence Research

How well do you know
your clients, partners and


Event driven research and
investigations, brand
protection and e-discovery

Risk Management Support

The local knowledge
and support to protect your
people and assets

Can you afford to take the risk and invest in the wrong people?

Establish essential facts, reveal inconsistencies and omissions, and disclose information that might affect a decision to hire or promote. Contact us to discuss an approach to screening that matches your risk appetite and budget.

  • Identity and credential verification.
  • Integrity checks.
  • Pre-employment screening and re-screening of existing employees.

    Employee screening services in Indonesia
    • The candidate attended a short course on international law at a prestigious US institution, but never achieved the Masters in International Law he claimed.
    • The client ceased negotiations with the candidate for the position of Senior Legal Counsel.
    • A project-based initiative to verify the most recent qualifications held by existing employees.
    • Red flag issues found in >20% of employees screened, including fake degrees and degrees obtained from unaccredited academic institutions.
    • Media research on a candidate for a treasury position at the bank revealed the candidate's father to be on a police watchlist for his involvement in a corruption case.
    • The candidate had failed to volunteer this fact to recruiters.
    • A credential check revealed that a newly appointed board member had acquired his graduate qualification from a degree mill.
    • Pre-employment screening was not conducted on the candidate, as he had previously held a senior position at another Fortune 500 company.

How well do you know your clients, partners and vendors?

Essential facts verified and background checks conducted to ensure compliance with corporate ethical policies, internal controls and, anti-bribery/corruption standards. Enhanced due diligence through discreet source interviews.

  • Third party (vendor) screening
  • High risk client screening (KYC)
  • SME pre and post loan disbursement screening (fraud prevention)
  • Pre-transaction research/diligence for partnerships, M&A and IPO
    • Enhanced due diligence research into an Indonesian gold producer aiming to raise USD 300 million in an IPO.
    • Public records and source enquiries revealed red flags concerning the company’s key principal and his relationship with an infamous Indonesian businessman.
    • KYC checks into prospective and existing high net worth clients from Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand.
    • Scope includes public records searches, adverse local language media, regulatory and database checks, and disclosure of litigation history.
    • This was part of the client’s integrity due diligence program on a number of their Government intermediaries.
    • Our research disclosed politically exposed beneficial owners, expired company licenses and in one case, an inappropriate line of business.
    • Discreet risk-based checks for potential commercial loan customers in Indonesia before funds are disbursed.
    • Scope includes identifying beneficial owners and potential red flags, and confirming whether customers have operational businesses with valid business licenses.

Facts for informed decisions and event driven enquiries

We work with international law firms and MNCs to recover assets, prevent/limit financial loss and mitigate reputational damage. Our approach combines discreet background checks and public records searches, computer forensics/e-discovery, market surveys and surveillance, test purchases, and pre and post-raid assessments.

  • Litigation support
  • Fraud and asset enquiries
  • Brand protection/IP infringement
    • The objective was to determine if fraudulent documentation, in the form of inflated or counterfeit invoices, was submitted for reimbursement by a consultant in Indonesia.
    • Investigations into 16 vendors were conducted. Legal action was pursued based on the evidence provided to the client’s legal team.
    • The objective of the client’s legal team was to determine any fixed or movable assets belonging to a local partner that had initiated legal proceedings against our client.
    • Findings included lists of direct and indirect shareholdings, and assets and property belonging to companies affiliated with the local partner.
    • The client was alerted to the presence of an online seller claiming to be an “authorised” manufacturer.
    • Enquiries revealed the factory to be producing a significant quantity of counterfeit products.
    • Based on the information disclosed, the client initiated successful raid action against the factory.
    • Client was alerted to a board member intending to establish a rival company.
    • Surveillance revealed clandestine meetings with the rival company’s leadership team and target clients.
    • E-discovery confirmed leakage of confidential data via personal email accounts.

The local knowledge and support to protect your people and assets

In Asia’s complex and dynamic risk environment - forewarned is forearmed. Our local and international consultants work together to provide the knowledge to anticipate threats and the expertise to protect assets and to ensure duty of care to your team.

  • Intelligence briefings and situation reports
  • Threat and security assessments – facilities and corporate and public events
  • Protective services/liaison and ground transport
  • Crisis management and business continuity planning and support
    • Retained by the Global Security team to conduct an annual program of threat and security risk assessments at client offices across the APAC region.
    • In addition, we provide ground support and protective services when board members and executives visit the region.
    • Retained by the regional security team to provide open source intelligence updates on the Indonesian threat environment – written briefs and situation reports.
    • Threat and security assessments also conducted in support of the bank’s corporate travel program.
    • Retained by the Regional Security team to deliver rolling location briefs, and open source intelligence and advice to mitigate risk to client operations and personnel.
    • Additional tasks undertaken have included, threat and security assessments at offices, residences and hotels, and planning, advice and support for public and corporate events.
    • Retained to conduct threat assessments, and to prepare crisis management and evacuation plans. Bilingual liaison officers embedded at 5 operating locations.
    • Our support enabled the client to meet duty of care obligations and to limit service interruption when volcanic activity demanded evacuation to an alternate operating location.


Established in 2010, we've grown from a staff of 6 in Jakarta, to a team of 30 dedicated analysts, researchers, and field operators.

Our regional capability is spearheaded from Singapore and supported by a network of trusted resources.

When it comes to protecting reputation, people and assets - nothing replaces local knowledge and expertise

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We respect the value of local knowledge and combine it with international expertise and best practise.


Our resources span the Indonesian Archipelago, and the Southeast Asian region - we have supported clients in 9 of the 10 ASEAN markets.


We are trusted by local and multinational companies, across all sectors, concerned with building and maintaining their interests in Asia.


We operate in accordance with national laws and enforce a strict code of conduct and ethical policies.


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